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Hand-Made VCO Soap

We use the purest virgin coconut oil, essential oils, herbs and/or spices, blended together to create a mild moisturizing bar. We use natural colorant made from naturally occurring earth oxides, botanical roots and/or the natural color of the ingredients themselves such as the virgin coconut oil, honey, cocoa powder and essential oils. No chemicals, no preservatives, no fillers and best of all it is 100% biodegradable.

We want you to experience simple yet luxurious virgin coconut oil soap that is both people and earth-friendly. MABUHAY!

Hand-Made VCO Soap
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Featured Products
    Product Name   MSRP+   Special Price   Savings   Shipping Weight (kg)    
 Floral Delight VCO Soap  Floral Delight VCO Soap
   0     0.12  Buy Now 
 Lavender VCO Soap  Lavender VCO Soap
   0     0.12  Buy Now 
 Patchouli VCO Soap  Patchouli VCO Soap
   0     0.12  Buy Now 
 Ylang-ylang VCO Soap  Ylang-ylang VCO Soap
Enigmatic Fragrance
   0     0.12  Buy Now 
 Pure Honey VCO Soap  Pure Honey VCO Soap
0  0  0   23%   0.12  Buy Now 
 Pure Unscented VCO Soap  Pure Unscented VCO Soap
Soap at its Purest form
0  0  0   23%   0.12  Buy Now 
 Guava Brava VCO Soap  Guava Brava VCO Soap
0  0  0   25%   0.12  Buy Now 
 Papaya Kaaya-aya VCO Soap  Papaya Kaaya-aya VCO Soap
0  0  0   21%   0.12  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1 
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Pure Unscented VCO Soap Pure Unscented VCO Soap

Patchouli VCO Soap Patchouli VCO Soap

Pure Honey VCO Soap Pure Honey VCO Soap

Guava Brava VCO Soap
Guava Brava VCO Soap
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